Honey is Born

August 28, 2020. Lucy had a litter of three puppies, all females. Sadly, one puppy was born with a cleft palate and had to be put down. Honey is a beautiful blue fawn merel pied with colored ears. We are very grateful for Barbara Lockwood’s generosity in giving us the pick of the litter. We are also grateful for Lucy and Johnny for giving us the start of Bluecairo Frenchies.

Lucy had to deliver by C-section because one puppy was very large. She’s is doing well and may be coming home with us when we bring Honey home. Fingers crossed. Barbara is unsure if she’ll breed Lucy one more time, but is leaning towards letting us adopt Lucy now.

Lucy & Honey

We’re so excited to announce the establishment our Frenchie family roots. We’ve place a deposit on mom, Lucy, for when she’s retired from breeding as well as a deposit on the pick of her females in her soon to be expected litter. We’ll be naming that female, Honey, who will start our breeding program. Thank you so much to Barbara Lockwood of Motley Acres Farm for your partnership and beautiful Frenchies. We are forever grateful.

Here’s mom, Lucy.

Here’s dad, Johnny.

This is Pretty, on of Johnny’s puppies to another litter. We expect Honey to look like Pretty.